PARKER - a Cool Room Entertainment - original short

20 Apr 2021

PLOTLINE: A beautiful but vacillant mute (Taji Coleman) is confronted with her past criminal behavior by a new parole officer (Clancy Brown).

A Cool Room Entertainment presentation

SYNOPSIS: Mary Abigail PARKER just got early parole after 13 years of a self-defense murder conviction. As the number one female boxer in the California penal system, she was free to do almost anything she wanted so long as her fists kept making the warden money. Under the guidance of her new tough-love parole officer, Parker must rethink who she is, where she's going, and what she's willing to do to prolong this new freedom.

The story is juxtaposed against that of little MARY, 13. An innocent-looking but streetwise con artist who relies on her guts and wits for survival. Hustling her own money allows her to do what she wants when she wants. She likes that and is willing to do whatever it takes to maintain her present cash flow lifestyle.

Teo .... Writer/producer/director
Teru Yoshida .... Cinematographer
S. Christopher Johnson .... Editor
Executive produced by Joel Zwick and Teo

Taji Coleman .... Parker
Brea Renee ..... Mary
Clancy Brown ..... Crenna
John Moschitta, Jr. ... Harold
Debra Hopkins .... The Warden
Ed Latchley .... Chambers
Hira Ambrosino .... Mindy
Anne Marie Jolly .... Carmentina
Raini Rodriguez .... Kid on Playground #1
Rico Rodriguez .... Kid On Playground #2
Jeffrey Lorenzo .... Shannon

Featuring soundtrack performances by: Tracy Nicole-Chapman (​) And an original score by Greg Kuehn (

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